Ângela Novais

Ângela Patrícia Silva Novais is a researcher at the Research Unit on Applied Molecular Biosciences (UCIBIO-REQUIMTE). She graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2004 by Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Porto, and obtained the Doctor degree in Microbiology in 2008/07/04 by Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, under the supervision of prestigious scientists (Teresa M Coque, Fernando Baquero). She consolidated her scientific trajectory in Clinical Bacteriology, Antibiotic Resistance and Molecular Epidemiology of multi drug resistant Enterobacteriaceae (especially Klebsiella pneumoniae and Escherichia coli). Her research has greatly contributed to: i) clarify the ecology, population structure, pathogenicity and selection drivers of multidrug resistant Enterobacteriaceae species, strains and mobile genetic elements using state-of-the art and cutting edge approaches (genomics, bioinformatics); and ii) the development of reliable, quick and cost-effective methods for their laboratorial detection using high-throughput approaches based on the characterization of DNA (whole genome sequencing, WGS), proteins (matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time of flight mass spectrometry, MALDI-TOF MS) and polysaccharides (Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy, FT-IR). Some of these methods have been (Blue-Carba for detection of carbapenemases) or are being transferred to applications in clinical microbiology diagnostic routines by collaborations with hospitals (long-lasting and recently supported by BIP Proof award) and with major IVD companies (Rosco Diagnostica, Bruker Daltonics) and constitute major innovations. She published 54 articles in high-impact (>80% Quartil-1/Decil-1) peer-reviewed journals in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, 3 reviews and 1 book chapter. These publications reflect a high degree of impact (H-index 28; >4000 citations; Google Scholar - Ângela Novais) and implication (most as 1st/corresponding author or main roles). Degree of internationalization and recognition is demonstrated by 24 collaborative papers, with >10 well-recognized experts in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania and Brazil and invitations to lecture (n=16) or chair (n=3) in international conferences or provide scientific assessment (publons.com/a/1225368/) as an expert in antimicrobial resistant Enterobacteriaceae and FT-IR spectroscopy. Currently she is coeditor of a Special Issue at Antibiotics journal. She has captured funding (220K) as PI or researcher in projects funded at national (FCT, BIP Proof, GIS) and international (EU, ESCMID) calls, presented >100 oral/poster communications in prestigious national/international congresses, organized 5 events and participated in ~30 scientific events, courses and Worskshops. She has supervised students at different levels (1 pos-doc, 7 PhD, 4 MsC and 8 graduated/undergraduated students), experience in teaching subjects related to Clinical Bacteriology, Antimicrobial Resistance, Bacterial Typing, Biochemistry and Spectroscopic methods, and received 7 awards/honors. Finally, she integrated relevant Microbiology societies (ESCMID, SPM), study groups (ESGEM), organizing and scientific committees (IMMEM, Summer School, Microbiotec21) and evaluation panels (PhD, Master, projects), and engaged with outreach activities towards healthcare professionals, companies and general public (MicroMundo@UPorto).


PhD Member