AdOralLeuk-CESPU-2016 - Deregulation of cell-cell adhesion proteins in malignant transformation of oral leukoplakias.

Principal Investigator: 
Hassan Bousbaa (
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Research Team: 
Patrícia Silva, Virgínia Gonçalves
Funding entity: 
2222 22222
Period covered: 
From 04-2016 to 03-2017

The need for a continued search for new anti-infective and anticancer drugs is universally considered of great importance since many of the current drugs are insufficiently effective, highly toxic, and resistances may be developed. Our group has isolated two alkaloids, eurochevalierine, a potent inhibitor of the growth of human tumor cell lines [1], from the soil fungus Neosartorya pseudofischeri, and neofiscalin A from the soil and marine fungus N. siamensis with potent antibacterial activity [2]. Neofiscalin A exhibited also antibiofilm activity in both reference and multidrugs-resistant isolates, and is currently in the patent filing process. On the other hands, marine fungi derived xanthones, particularly yicathins and isomers were considered promising as chemotherapic agents [3]. So, eurochevalierine, neofiscalin A and yicathins can be considered very interesting models to discover new anti-infective and anticancer drugs to overcome drug-resistance that could represent innovative drug candidates. However, their availability to proceed to further investigations and their complex structures could limit their future as drug candidates. Our group has multi- and transdisciplinary skills, with a large experience in isolation and structure elucidation of natural products, synthesis, cellular and molecular biology and nanotechnology.

Norte 2020

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