Diana Nunes

I graduated in Biology by University of Aveiro with a final grade of 13 values, with an optional 4th year of internship in University of Azores, Department of Biology where I obtained a grade of 18/20. Then I obtained a master’s degree in Forensics Genetic by Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, with a final classification of 16 values. My Master´s thesis “Implementation of the study of the LPIN1 gene as a cause of Rhabdomyolysis " was developed in the National Institute of Health, Dr. Ricardo Jorge, Porto, where I obtained a grade of 18/20. I applied for a Master abroad to acquire scientific experience and expertise in a new environment. After my Master degree, I was able to contact with another frontier of science: communication. Communicating science is not that easy; however, it was very rewarding because it was possible for me published my work that I developed in my year of thesis, and we discover a novel mutation in gene LPIN1 as cause of Rhabdomyolysis in Portuguese population. During my bachelor and master degree, I had continuous theoretical and technical training, which allowed me to grow. The contact with researchers from different backgrounds and countries, in my curricular stage and master thesis gave me a larger perspective of what is already being done on the field and the possibilities ahead.


PhD Student