Maria Joana Barbosa

Graduation and MSc in Biochemistry (FCUP/ICBAS-UP). PhD Studentship Holder (FCT studentship reference no.: SFRH/BD/130861/2017). Journal article and book chapter author and co-author. Invited Assistant Professor. Supervisor and co-supervisor of several works in the areas of Medical and Health Sciences, namely in Biological Sciences and Basic Medicine, with emphasis on Toxicology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry. Good command of the following scientific skills: - Cell culture (animal cells, bacteria, yeasts) - In vitro toxicological assays, including cell viability and proliferation assays - In vivo toxicological assays (drug exposure, animal handling, organ and tissue collection and processing) - Histological analysis - Cytospin - Microscopy - Immunofluorescence and immunoassay-based analysis - Pulse-chase assays - Cell fractionation - Protein and nucleic acid preparation, quantification and analysis, including electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE, cellulose acetate and agarose gel electrophoresis) - Western blotting - Densitometry - Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qRT-PCR) - High Resolution Melting (HRM) - Cloning techniques - RNA interference (RNAi) - Spectrophotometry-based analysis - Ion exchange and thin layer chromatography - Analyte extraction (QuEChERS), sample preparation and validation of multi-analyte GC-MS methods - Determination of biochemical parameters used in the diagnostic interpretation of several metabolic/physiological/pathological conditions Good command of the following computer skills: - Windows and macOS operating systems - Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) - Basic knowledge of programming (Linux) and data analysis (SPSS, IBM) - Data analysis software (GraphPad Prism, GraphPad Software) - Densitometric analysis software (The Discovery Series Quantity One, Bio-Rad) - qRT-PCR data analysis software (CFX Manager, Bio-Rad) - HRM data analysis software (Precision Melt Analysis, Bio-Rad) - Molecular editing software (ChemDraw, PerkinElmer Informatics) - Reference management software (EndNote, Clarivate Analytics) - E-learning and b-learning tools, including content management in Moodle platforms and videoconference softwares.