Office of Communication and Public Engagement (OCPE)


The Office of Communication and Public Engagement (OCPE) aims to bridge the communication gap between TOXRUN researchers and the general public. Training TOXRUN research members to communicate their achievements and engage with society is a main goal of OCPE by using health literacy strategies to create clear science materials with visual aids and plain language to deliver clear health messages. The active presence in main social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) will be fomented for science communication, activities advertisement, and public engagement. TOXRUN science communication will increase health knowledge and build resilience, by empowering a general audience to process scientific information and manage variable health and lifestyle conditions.  


Communication of TOXRUN activities

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Complete information about the procedures and criteria for disclosing the activities of the TOXRUN unit and TOXRUN researchers are available at “Política Editorial da TOXRUN”.


We count on you to disseminate relevant discoveries, breakthroughs and achievements of TOXRUN research.


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