Emotional Competences of the Informal Caregiver of the Person with Schizophrenia

Principal Investigator: 
Ana Isabel Carvalho Teixeira
Leader Institution: 
Research Team: 
Ana Isabel Carvalho Teixeira, Ana Carolina Zanetti, Carmen Queirós, Clarisse Magalhães, Helena Coelho, Rui Jesus, Sara Lima
Funding entity: 
Period covered: 
01.09.2022 - 31.08.2023

Difficulties in emotional regulation and management, which are linked to the Informal Caregiver's emotional and social intelligence, are regarded variables that have negative consequences for the family's interpersonal relationships and adaptability to this situation. As a result, emotional competencies appear to be a valuable resource that can help with emotional regulation and constructive, situation-adjusted coping. This quantitative cross-sectional, exploratory, and correlational study aims to investigate the link between the Informal Caregiver's emotional competencies and burden, coping, psychological well-being, quality of life, and sense of social support of the person with Schizophrenia. These findings will be useful in the development of future psychosocial interventions focusing on the psychological factors of Informal Caregivers, namely emotional competencies, and will serve as a first stage in the intervention's development.