Ana Raquel Freitas

Ana R. Freitas is an Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Microbiology at the University Institute of Health Sciences (TOXRUN at IUCS-CESPU) and an Investigator at the Research Unit on Applied Molecular Biosciences (UCIBIO at REQUIMTE) in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto (FFUP). She is also the secretary of the Food- and Water-borne Infections Study Group from the prestigious European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID), a trusted scientific reviewer from ESCMID, and a member of the UCIBIO Communication Working Group. She works in the field of Health Sciences and Infectious Diseases and develops research in Antimicrobial Resistance for >10 years. Her main research activity involves the molecular epidemiology and evolution of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria, especially enterococci, from a One Health perspective. Actively participated in an international consortium generating ground-breaking science (>2000 enterococci genomes were sequenced) recently published in Nature communications. She published 50 articles in international peer-reviewed indexed journals (four reviews; most with a first/last main role; 8 as corresponding) of high-impact and 3 international book chapters (H-index of 22). She has sound international networking as demonstrated by her numerous collaborative papers with >100 different co-authors from 16 countries in 4 continents and the regular invitation to act as referee in high-impact journals covering diverse knowledge areas related to Infectious Diseases and Microbiology ( Co-edited 4 special issues on Antibiotic Resistance and co-organized international scientific events. She was/is supervisor/co-supervisor of students at different levels (2 Ph.D., 1 MSc, 3 Erasmus, 15 undergraduate) and supervise the training of 3 international PhD (Tunisia, Czechia) and Master (Brasil) thesis. She has experience in teaching General Microbiology and specialized topics of Bacteriology, Diagnostics, and Typing, and participated in several proposals for attracting national (FCT, BIP Proof, UP) and international (EU, ESCMID) funding. Her ESCMID Research Grant (role as PI) was considered the best among 15 international awardees (FEMS/ESCMID award). She has more than 100 communications (oral and posters) in prestigious national and international congresses and acted as lecturer/speaker in 14 oral presentations. She was granted 2 FCT fellowships (BD and BPD), one CEEC-FCT researcher contract, 7 awards/distinctions, and 13 congress grants. Holds the HiTech 2019 program organized by the Porto Business School in collaboration with North Caroline State University and is integrated into relevant Microbiology societies/groups (ECCMID, ESGEM, EFWISG, SPM). She coordinated the implementation of the service-learning MicroMundo at UPorto project (involving university and school students) in Portugal through the University of Porto.


PhD Member