Data Science Office (DSO)

DSO Coordinator


The Data Science Office is responsible for advising TOXRUN researchers on the best techniques and paths to manipulate data, from the study design phase up to the analysis of results and their visualization/communication.

One of the main objectives while doing so is to provide knowledge and expertise from multiple and relevant scientific and technologic fields, far beyond classical statistical analysis. For example:

  • programming support in common languages for Data Science (e.g., R, Python, ... ) and guidance on useful libraries;
  • how to collect, clean, process, manipulate and preserve large datasets;
  • machine learning techniques, including deep learning and neural networks;
  • development of interactive software for gathering insights on the data as well as to facilitate science outreach;
  • serve as the point of contact for the preparation of hardware/software for specific needs in TOXRUN projects, interacting with CESPU's information technology department as well as with external institutions and services

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