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The absence of regulations for forensic professionals may degrade the judicial outputs’ quality and be detrimental to society. Also, professionalism and integrity must be ensured in forensic work, fostering public trust. We’ve proposed a Regulation of the Professional Practice of Forensic Specialists (10.3390/forensicsci2020031) and a Code of Ethics (10.3390/forensicsci3010013) to address both issues.

Moreover, a museum of a contemporary collection of identified human skeletons is being built. This will develop forensic sciences, providing invaluable data for identifying human remains, training future osteological and dental analysis experts, and developing identification methods.(e.g.,10.3390/forensicsci3030036)

Furthermore, since complex mathematical models are often complicated to implement by researchers without expert knowledge, we’ve developed formulas and web-based computer programs easy to use by the scientific community (e.g.,10.3390/sports7020031,10.3390/microorganisms8050745)


TOP PAPERS 2018-2023

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English affiliation:

- Associate Laboratory i4HB - Institute for Health and Bioeconomy, University Institute of Health Sciences - CESPU, 4585-116 Gandra, Portugal.

- UCIBIO - Applied Molecular Biosciences Unit, Forensics and Biomedical Sciences Research Laboratory, University Institute of Health Sciences (1H-TOXRUN, IUCS-CESPU), 4585-116 Gandra, Portugal.

Portuguese affiliation:

Laboratório Associado i4HB - Instituto de Saúde e Bioeconomia, Instituto Universitário de Ciências da Saúde - CESPU, 4585-116 Gandra, Portugal.

- UCIBIO - Unidade de Biociências Moleculares Aplicadas, Laboratório de Investigação em Ciências Forenses e Biomédicas, Instituto Universitário de Ciências da Saúde (1H-TOXRUN, IUCS-CESPU), 4585-116 Gandra, Portugal.



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