Ariana Pereira

Ariana Isabel Pérez Pereira. I am writing this resume to express my deep passion to continue making progress in the world of science and research. My motivation to obtained academic and scientific background, but also from my desire to deepen my technical and scientific knowledge acquired during my Licentiate and Master degree. This is a thoughtful and real wish that will allow me to develop both professionally and personally. Licentiate (2016) in Forensic Laboratory Sciences at the University Institute of Health Sciences (IUCS, CESPU). Master (2019) in Forensic Laboratory Sciences and Techniques, at the University Institute of Health Sciences (IUCS, CESPU). As part of my Master's degree in Forensic Laboratory Sciences and Techniques (2016), I had the opportunity to join IINFACTS (Institute of Research and Advanced Training in Health Sciences and Technologies) (2017) as a full time collaborator, where I developed the thesis entitled: Ketamine and Norketamine: Enantioseparation, Enantioselective Ecotoxicity and Biodegradation Studies, framed in the area of environmental and forensic toxicology. As a collaborator of IINFACTS I had the privilege of being part of CESPU funded projects, which allowed me to develop a multidisciplinary project within the Drug Research research team. During the 2nd year of the Master's program, I had the opportunity to know the reality of the full-time research. The experimental work developed in the Master's program allowed the development and validation of an analytical method for the detection of ketamine and norketamine, which was successfully applied to biodegradation assays by activated sludge. In addition, semi-preparative enantioseparation methods of ketamine and norketamine were developed in order to obtain the pure enantiomers for further ecotoxicity tests on two ecologically relevant organisms (Daphnia magna and Tetrahymena thermophila), either in the form of racemate or in its enantiomerically pure forms. At the beginning of July 2019, I completed my Master's degree in Forensic Laboratory Science and Techniques and in view of the vast scientific work carried out in different areas originated two submissions of original articles. The first article published was "Ketamine and norketamine: enantioresolution and enantioselective aquatic ecotoxicity studies" in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry journal. The second article is in the final corrections and will be submmited as "Ketamine and its metabolite norketamine: Enantioselective LC-DAD analysis and biodegradation assay by an activated sludge". Also, during the Master's degree program, I completed a Advanced Course of Clinical Toxicology of IUCS Doctoral program, that I successfully completed. Thus, I emphasize that it is within the scope of scientific research that I find the engine that will lead to my professional and personal growth. I truly believe that over the past eight years I have acquired technical and scientific skills that will allow me to continue and deepen my knowledge within the IUCS Doctoral program. The skills acquired in the area of liquid chromatography, both analytical and preparative and knowledge in the field of ecotoxicity with the performance of toxicity tests on aquatic organisms gave me the foundation and conditions to start a new stage. I can assure you that I work with all the dedication, motivation and enthusiasm that characterize my professional performance. Thus, I believe I have the experience, qualification, scientific skills and motivation necessary to undertake a multidisciplinary project research to obtain my Doctor degree in Biological Sciences Applied to Health.


PhD Student