Eduarda Silva

Eduarda M. P. Silva is, since September 2020, an Assistant Professor at IUCS-CESPU. She is now implementing her own research group taking advantages of the experience gained in leading international groups in organic chemistry and her position close to top experts in drug research. Eduarda carried out her PhD studies under the guidance of Prof. Laurence Harwood at University of Reading (UK). The work was concerned with the total synthesis of mycaperoxide B probing a biomimetic approach. She finished her PhD degree in 2009 and then joined the group of Prof. Artur M. S. Silva as a postdoc researcher at UA. Her research interests were concerned with catalysis, stereochemistry and the formation of carbon-carbon bonds through the 1,6-conjugated addition of carbon nucleophiles to diene systems deficient in electrons. Later in 2016, she became an Assistant Researcher at REQUIMTE-FFUP, working towards the development and validation of analytical methods for application to biological and environmental samples. In 2015, Eduarda took a sabbatical period from research and was involved in the implementation of the Faculty of Exact Sciences at the National University of East Timor (UNTL) through a collaboration agreement between University of Aveiro and UNTL. She recently joined the European Network in Lipidomics and EpiLipidomics [CA19105], as management committee member, and as a working group member of the Cost action on GLYCOnanoPROBES [CA18132]. Overall, Eduarda is the co-author of 35 peer-reviewed publications in international journals (24 in Q1 of the subject area, Scopus®) from which she is the single corresponding author in 2, co-corresponding author in 8, and 1st author in 17. Her h-index is 12 and her papers have over 450 citations (Scopus®). Her research led to 11 oral presentations (3 by invitation) and nearly 40 posters communications in international/national conferences. She is now responsible for the co-supervision of a PhD student (Pharmaceutical Sciences PhD program) and supervision of a research internship student (Biomedical Sciences BSc). She has co-supervised one MSc student, an Erasmus student and several BSc students. She carries out educational activities related with her academic position.