Guillaume Erny

Guillaume Laurent Erny Completed the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry in 2003/07/10 in the University of York - Department of Chemistry (UK). He published 35 articles in journals, 2 book chapters, and registered 2 patents. He organized 9 events and co-supervised 1 PhD thesis. He has received 2 awards. He was awarded a Research Fellowship, was Principal investigator in 3 projects and Researcher in 6 projects. He is the Chair and Scientific Representative of a COST Action. He is an active peer-reviewer in high-ranking journals. He works in the area of Chemical Sciences with an emphasis on Analytical Chemistry. He designed Matlab toolboxes for untargeted metabolomics analysis, classification of spectral-based analysis and matrix factorization. He works in instrumentation and data science related to chemical analysis in the areas of health, environmental analysis, and food analysis.