Joana Prata

Joana C. Prata, DVM Msc, conducts research on the impacts of contaminants on human, animal, and environmental health under the One Health approach and on sustainable approaches to mitigate these problems under the Circular Economy. She holds a master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine (2016) from the University of Porto, Portugal, being a certified veterinarian, and is currently finishing a PhD in Biology and Ecology of Global Change from the University of Aveiro. Her PhD was focused on the development of analytic methodologies, environmental sampling, and ecotoxicological testing of microplastics. Joana has, so far, published 36 peer-reviewed papers in international ISI-index journals (80% as first-author), 3 book chapters, and presented over 20 oral or poster communications in international conferences. She has peer-reviewed over 300 papers for prestigious international journals and 8 scientific project proposals for research agencies. She is a guest editor on a special issue for the journal Environments, and is editing a book for Elsevier. Additionally, she is the main webmaster, editor, and writer of the portuguese pet information website ‘O Meu Animal’ ( with over 3 million visualizations.