Teresa G. Barroso

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, with experience of 17 years in Scientific Research and Veterinary Medicine, and 15 years in Business Development activities. Currently developing the “VetPAT” project (veterinary portable device for blood analysis) as a Scientific Specialist in point-of-care (POC) diagnostic platforms and Veterinary Technical Consultant. Worked in interdisciplinary and international research environments, where the project in INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory can be highlighted, on magnetoresistive biosensor for nanoparticle immuno-diagnosis of Tuberculosis. Know-how on design experimental protocols, several laboratory techniques, and cleanroom and biosafety microbiological facilities. Strong knowledge on Clinical Studies, for both Veterinary and Human Medicine, including FELASA Laboratory Animal Science category C (Project Coordinator) and Clinical Investigator Certification, respectively. Past positions include CEO and Scientific Director of a R&D and Clinical Analysis Veterinary Laboratory, where the entire process of managing R&D projects was followed (bureaucracy, financial, technical and scientific aspects). Business Development Manager in a Clinical Research Company and a Nanosciences company. Significant experience in application for National and European Commission funding sources, coordinate R&D projects, and facilitate the channel from lab-to-market. Creation/ implementation of 2 veterinary laboratories (IDVet and INNO). Excellent organization and planning capacities, proactive, strong analytical skills and critical thinking. Effective problem-solving skills, accomplishing goals efficiently, according to schedule and working under pressure. Team player with good interpersonal skills, known for planning and managing tasks, but also working independently. Good written/oral communication skills. Multilingual (English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian). Exceptional ability for building and fostering strategic partnerships, both with companies and universities. Accomplished international partnerships: multinational pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim (2017- ongoing: “VetPAT” project), commercial representation contract of the multinational company ENVIGO (2015: experimental animals), and commercial partnership with the multinational company IDEXX (2011: veterinary clinical analysis).