Virgínia Gonçalves

Virgínia M. F. Gonçalves concluded her Masters Degree in Biochemistry and Food Chemistry in 2007, at the University of Aveiro. Previously, she completed her undergraduate studies in Chemistry (Biochemistry and Food Chemistry) in 2003, also at the University of Aveiro. Presently, she is a Research Assistant at IUCS-CESPU. She is the author or co-author of 23 peer-reviewed papers. She has organized and managed 3 advanced training workshops, and actively participated in another 9. She collaborates or has collaborated in 5 science research projects, as researcher or in technical development. Her scientific activity is mostly centered in the field of Natural Sciences, with as special emphasis on Earth and Environmental Sciences. The keywords most relevant and related to her research are: heteropolysaccharides, fluorinated chemicals, micropollutants, chrial compounds, mass spectrometry, LC-MS, Aerobic granular sludge.



Research Assistant