Virgínia Gonçalves

Virgínia Maria Ferreira Gonçalves graduated in Chemistry - branch of Biochemistry and Food Chemistry in 2003 from the University of Aveiro, and completed her Master's Degree in Biochemistry and Food Chemistry in 2007 at the University of Aveiro. She is currently a Research Assistant at the One Health Toxicology Research Unit (1H-TOXRUN) of the University Institute of Health Sciences, CESPU (IUCS-CESPU). Her contributions to research are significant, with 32 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, mostly in Q1 journals. Over the years, Virgínia has demonstrated her commitment to the scientific community by participating in the organisation of 19 events, including seminars, workshops, congresses and advanced courses. In terms of participation in funded projects, she has participated as a Research Fellow in 3 projects and as a Researcher in 14 projects (6 with national external funding; 8 funded by CESPU). In addition to her contributions to research and to the organisation of events, Virgínia is a reviewer for several international scientific journals, including Molecules (MDPI), Antibiotics (MDPI), Journal of Hazard Materials (Elsevier), Water Emerging Contaminants and Nanoplastics (OAE Publishing Inc), Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (Elsevier), and Separation (MDPI). She works in the area of Natural Sciences in the fields of Earth and Environmental Sciences, with some emphasis on Chemical Sciences and Analytical Chemistry (within the scope of the development and validation of analytical methods, namely by liquid or gas chromatography). Her research focus includes the analysis of micropollutants, chiral compounds, endocrine disruptors and psychoactive substances in environmental and/or biological samples. This focus emphasises his commitment to addressing critical issues in environmental sciences and public health.